Is it OK to re-position your McKinsey PEI stories, or better have new ones?

Most candidates have at least 2 or 3 interviews on a given interview day. This means that for the PEI you need to prepare at least 2 or 3 examples as an absolute minimum.

So – can those PEI stories come from the same context, just with a different focus? Or do I need to have completely non-overlapping examples?

In principle – i.e. if you have the opportunity to do so – it’s definitely better to use different, non-overlapping examples.

By using different examples you also implicitly communicate to the interviewers that you have a range of experience under you belt from which you can choose from, instead of needing to stick to 1 single underlying situation.

That being said – quality always comes first. If you feel that this one underlying situation makes a clearly superior example compared to all other options you have for a certain PEI dimension, than I would still recommend using the same underlying situation with a different focus for the respective PEI dimension.

In respect to “re-using” examples across different interview rounds, you can find a another detailed blog post here.

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