Insider Tips for Succeeding in the McKinsey PEI

As one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, McKinsey & Company is highly selective when it comes to hiring new consultants. The McKinsey Personal Experience Interview (PEI) is a crucial part of the hiring process and can be a daunting experience for candidates.

But with the right preparation and insider tips, you can increase your chances of success in the PEI and take one step closer to landing a consulting role at McKinsey.

Know the Key Dimensions Evaluated in the PEI (precisely)

The McKinsey PEI is designed to evaluate your potential as a consultant, and the interviewers will be looking for specific skills and attributes. The key dimensions evaluated in the PEI include “Inclusive Leadership”, “Personal Impact”, and “Entrepreneurial Drive” or “Courageous Change”. Having a crystal-clear understanding of these dimensions and preparing examples of your experiences that demonstrate these skills will help you make a strong impression during the interview.

Research McKinsey & Company

Before the PEI, it’s essential to research McKinsey & Company and its culture. Read the company’s website and mission statement, learn about the company’s values, and familiarize yourself with the types of projects and clients McKinsey works with. This will help you demonstrate your understanding of the company and its culture, and allowing you to embed certain elements of those into your very own PEI stories, ultimately showing the interviewers that you are a good fit for McKinsey.

Prepare Specific Examples

When answering questions during the PEI, it’s essential to provide specific (!) examples from your personal or professional experiences. The interviewers want to hear about the skills and attributes you bring to the table and how you have demonstrated in a distinct situation them in the past. Be sure to prepare several examples for each of the key dimensions evaluated in the PEI and practice answering questions using these examples.

Emphasize Achievements and Results You Achieved for Others

During the PEI, it’s important to highlight your achievements and the positive impact you have made in your personal or professional life. Provide specific examples of how you have solved problems, led teams, and made a difference in your community or workplace. The interviewers want to see how you have used your skills and attributes to make a real impact and achieve results.

Showcase Your Drive and Motivation

The McKinsey PEI will also evaluate your drive and motivation (not only in the “Entrepreneurial Drive” dimension!), so it’s essential to share examples of how you have taken the initiative to make a positive impact in your life. Highlight your determination and ambition, and provide examples of how you have pushed yourself to achieve your goals.

Practice Active Listening

During the PEI, it’s essential to practice active listening and pay close attention to the questions asked. Take time to understand what the interviewer is looking for and respond thoughtfully and clearly, providing specific examples to support your answers.

In conclusion, the McKinsey PEI can be a challenging experience, but with the right preparation and insider tips, you can increase your chances of success. By researching McKinsey & Company, preparing specific examples, emphasizing your achievements and results, showcasing your drive and motivation, and practicing active listening, you will be well-prepared for the PEI and on your way to landing a consulting role at McKinsey.

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