What should I say about my motivation in the Entrepreneurial Drive McKinsey PEI dimension?

Looking at this question firstly from slightly broader perspective, your example for the Entrepreneurial Drive dimension should circle around a situation in which you wanted to achieve something by yourself (and no one else imposed this task on you). If you follow a goal which you wanted to achieve yourself, you should be also able to explain a strong motivation behind taking all those efforts and overcoming many obstalces to reach this goal.

Ideally you can use the typical McKinsey hierarchy for laying out your motivation in 3 different layers (and only in this sequence with client-focus first, and your personal benefits last – since you are in the service business, with the goal of serving your clients best, and for this reason the primary motivation should stem from this area):

  • Clients – what is the benefit of your venture for “clients” (like end-customers of a company, beneficiaries of a non-profit organization or internal departments of your organization)
  • Company – what is the benefit of your venture for the organization (like the company you are working for, the non-profit organization you are supporting)
  • Consultant – what’s in it for yourself in terms of your very personal motivation (it can potentially be also slightly selfish like strong visibility throughout the whole organization if this project is successful, but for sure this should not be the only or primary motivation without any benefit for “clients” or “company”)

Additional note: Whenever possible, you should also try to specify your goal exactly and quantify it (e.g. like “my goal was increasing new member growth by 100%, resulting in a total membership base of 2.000 students within 1 year” instead of “my goal was to improve new member acquisition and having a larger base of members”).


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